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Updated COVID-19 information 11/23/2020-


NEW Face Covering and Health Policy Requirements in Tarrant County EXTENDED THRU 02/28/2021.


County Judge B. Glen Whitley has issued a new Executive Order to be effective and The order requires:


1. All entities in Tarrant County providing goods or services directly to the public must develop and implement a health and safety policy that requires at a minimum, that all employees and visitors to the entity's business premises wear face mace mask coverings when in an area or performing and activity which will necessarily involve close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public. The policy may allow individuals with an operational need to remove face coverings if addressed in the policy. The policy may include other measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 such as temperature checks or health screenings. The policy must be posted in a conspicuous location sufficient to provide notice to employees and visitors. Failure to develop and implement the policy within 5 days may result in a fine not to exceed $1,000.


2. Other than exceptions specifically provided in executive orders of Governor Abbott, individuals in areas open to the public where social distancing is not feasible and where it is estimated that 100 people or more are present, are required to wear a mask.


3. All people 10 years or older are strongly urged to wear a face covering.


4. The requirement to wear a face covering does not apply if covering the nose and mouth poses a significant mental or physical health risk to the individual or when an individual is consuming a food or beverage or receiving service where wearing a face covering would impair the performance of the service.


5. Any peace officer or other person with lawful authority is hereby authorized to enforce the provisions of the order as permitted by law.


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