Mayor Hooks Appointed to Board of Directors for the Fort Worth Transportation Authority.

Robert Alan Hooks was born January 6th, 1954 in Fort Worth Texas. He attended school at the Fort Worth Independent School District from 1959 – 1972 at which time he graduated from Diamond Hill Jarvis. Robert’s first job was at the Saginaw Warehouse, where he worked as a crew member of Maintenance Tech 1 and worked his way up through the years with the majority of his experience pertaining to Texas State Highways and Roadway Maintenance. He eventually advanced to Maintenance Supervisor with the Texas Department of Transportation.

He worked at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department as a Reserve Deputy from 1975 – 1983 and later worked for the River Oaks Police Department as a Reserve Police Sargent from 1983 to 1994. Robert married Margie Walden in 2000. Between the two of them, they have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Robert ran for City Council, Place 3 in 2004 and was elected as the Mayor of the City of Blue Mound in 2008 and presides as the Mayor to date. He manages all aspects of City Business from budgeting to mowing lawns. In 2011 Robert fought for the Citizens of Blue Mound by making numerous trips to Austin to Speak with Representatives on behalf of the Citizens concerning inflated water rates. After a lengthy battle, in 2015 Robert managed to bring about a deal to purchase the Utility and also prepared for a full transfer of operations of the Utility. Aside the infrastructure that was already in place, the Utility Department was built from scratch and was fully operational as soon as the transfer took place.

Education & Credentials

Graduate of Diamond Hill Jarvis High School

TCJC Engineering (42 Hours)

Professional Training (640 Hours of Continuing Education)

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